Understanding Probate And Estate Administration

After the death of a loved one, the last thing most family members want is to begin a legal process. However, in Georgia, as in all states, the death of an individual, with or without a will, signals the beginning of the probate process. In the majority of cases, with the exception of those in which the decedents created estate plans aimed at avoiding the probate process and those in which there is no property to distribute, family members will need an attorney to guide them through the process.

At the law firm of Eugene W. Dabbs IV, our attorney has more than 40 years of experience in probate and estate administration. In fact, he is the county administrator for Middle Georgia's Spalding and Pike counties, which is a position he has held since 1975. Having overseen so many matters through the years, his experience is legendary, leading countless clients from throughout the region to our firm for assistance.

What Is The Benefit Of Having The Assistance Of An Attorney?

The first reason you need a lawyer to help you through the probate process is to ensure the preservation of assets. After an individual's death, someone must take responsibility for the legal and financial aspects of that individual's estate. The responsible individuals must complete tax returns, transfer deeds and titles, pay debts, and distribute assets.

For most people in Georgia, the legal and financial needs that arise after loved ones' deaths are simply too much to tackle and, for many, too complex to comprehend. An attorney can handle the legal side of the process on your behalf, answer your questions — such as those concerning estate taxes or the state intestacy law — and allow your family to focus on recovering from its loss instead of on the resulting paperwork.

A Law Firm For When Experience Counts

Our attorney oversees the probate process for an average of 40 to 50 families a year. In addition, as county administrator, he oversees a number of estate-related disputes, including will contests, annually. With his experience on your side, you can approach the probate process confidently.

If you would like for Mr. Dabbs to evaluate your situation, you can schedule an initial consultation at our Griffin law office by calling 770-450-1583 or by emailing us.